Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tyrley Locks

Just a mile south of the bridge at Market Drayton is the flight of five locks at Tyrley. The strikingly red soil of the cutting indicates red sandstone underlying the area.
Tyrley Castle once stood on a site between here and Market Drayton, now occupied by Tyrley Castle Farm. Above the locks is Tyrley Wharf with its collection of 1840s red brick buildings.
See Google Aerial View of this location.


George said...

Hello. I recognise A Wyvern Shipping hire boat in the lock even if I don't know where the lock is!

MartinC said...

Well, George - you are right that it was a Wyvern Shipping boat - a long way from home, but it wasn't a hire boat. It was Wyvern proprietor James Griffin's own boat Ocean Princess on it's way to the Mersey to begin its trip to Fort William and Inverness and back, calling in at Douglas and Holyhead on the return journey!